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MBBS in Philippines provides the best education along with superlative study environment for Indian students. The course duration of MD in Philippines is 5.8 years. The course is divided into 3 major portions. Initially any MBBS applicant in quest of admission to any Pilipino university has to enroll for BS Course (Bachelor in Science) which consists of 2.5 years of study. After completing BS, then the candidate has to appear for NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) conducted by Philippines. Only after qualifying the admission test is he eligible to study in Philippines.

Study MBBS in Philippines is considered as one of the most affordable countries to study medical. The best medical college in Philippines is Ama School of Medicine and our lady of Fatima University is the real pillars of education system which value education. The excellence of education is the main reason for the students to choose the country for pursuing MBBS as a professional. Filipinos are known to the entire world as one of the most competent people in the field of education as the average student is also of very high caliber in the country.

The medical universities are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and WHO which assures the authentication of the university. MBBS in Philippines is the only country to break the barrier of communication for international students as the medium and language used in the universities and within the country is mostly English. The calculations say that the students who have completed MBBS, MD courses from Philippines are known to have 100% success rate, which gives all the more reasons to opt studies in Philippines.

ABOUT Philippines

The Philippines is known for its natural beauty, there are beautiful beaches and delicious fruit. And also, the largest shopping malls in the world are also located here. The Philippines is one of the largest producers of coconuts, Papayas and Bananas.

The Philippines is also known as the text capital of the world, because the large numbers of text messages are sent all over the country. The Philippines is standing in the 13th position in the world in terms of population. More than 108 million people are living there.

Climate of Philippines

The Philippines weather is generally quite hot and humid. The average temperature in the country are normally between 21 °C to 32 °C. January to May is the best time to visit Philippines.

Philippines only have three seasons, summer between March and May, Rainy season between June and November, and a cold dry season between December and February.

Advantages of MBBS in Philippines

  • Most of the parents from India believe that Philippines is the best destination for their children to Study MBBS, Because it offers the quality of education with lots of benefits.
  • All Top medical colleges in Philippines are recognized by the medical council of India and also with world directory of medical school.
  • English is used as the medium of instruction across Philippines which contribute in making a pleasant environment for an international student.
  • Philippines medical college fees and other expenditure is bare minimum as everything is very affordable including the cost of education, living expenses and further.
  • The country offers the best medical college in Philippines for Indian students and is the best destination to study MBBS, at reasonable prices. Education is very important in Philippines so they have a 90% literacy rate. It proves that they know the value of Education very well.
  • Philippines is one of the largest English Speaking Country in the world. The country is known for its standard of education, and for their education institutions. The country welcomed English Teachers, Nurses, Doctors and skilled Workers from Abroad too.
  • Study MBBS in Philippines is very beneficial as the universities present there are recognized worldwide which means that the candidate can follow their dream and practice in which ever country they want.
  • One of the major advantages to study MBBS in Philippines which makes it a popular destination among Asian Countries is that it is the fourth largest English speaking country.
  • Philippines have the highest literacy rate in Asia at 94%.
  • Philippines is one of the safest countries for students because it is a female dominant country and people from discrete religion reside there.
  • MBBS in Philippines provide growth opportunities to students due to which it is becoming an educational hub.
  • The Universities make use of modern teaching techniques and superior quality medical education combined with world class amenities.


  1. Ama School of Medicine
  2. Davao Medical School of Foundation
  3. South western University
  4. UV Gullas College of Medicine
  5. Lyceum North Western University
  6. Our Lady of Fatima University
  7. University of Perpetual help system Dalta
  8. St Paul University Philippines
  9. University of Northern Philippines
  10. University of Santo Tomas

Intake of philippines MBBS college

The country has mainly 2 intakes in a year followed by BS and MBBS Course. Best Medical College in Philippines seats are packed up very soon so please check the following dates and month to apply in any Philippines MBBS College. It is also requested to book your seats early before the universities are crammed. Students can contact SEEK MBBS Abroad for any help they require for applying to any university.


MBBS in philippines eligibilty

If you are planning for MBBS in Philippines then carefully go through the eligibility criteria

  • Every Indian student must complete his/her class 12 in the field of science. Students also have to meet the required condition of scoring a minimum of 50% in physics chemistry and biology.
  • Also students from sc/st/obc category should achieve 40% marks in the 12 grade by the guide line of medical council of India.
  • Students should qualify for NEET examination to pursue their MBBS studies.

Quick look at mbbs in philippines fees structure

Ama School of Medicine 5450 $ 2668 $ 8118 $
Davao Medical School of Foundation 5100 $ 2905 $ 8005 $
South western University 6870 $ 2646 $ 9516 $
UV Gullas College of Medicine 4350 $ 2646 $ 6996 $
Lyceum North Western University 4039 $ 2421 $ 6460 $
Our Lady of Fatima University 6000 $ 3600 $ 9600 $
University of Perpetual help system Dalta 5045 $ 3027 $ 8072 $
St Paul University Philippines 4500 $ 1100 $ 5600 $
University of Northern Philippines 5500 $ 1200 $ 6700 $
University of Santo Tomas 3000 $ 1100 $ 4100 $


The admission procedure of MBBS in Philippines starts with minimum documents submission. Candidates are required to clear NMAT before applying. All this procedures are explained in brief above but still the student will be guided by us in an appropriate way.

Step 1 - Application is to be submitted to the University for applied Course.
Step 2 – Submit soft copy of all academic and relevant university documents
Step 3 – get offer letter/letter of acceptance after a few days
Step 5 - Receive Invitation letter from the university
Step 4 – proceed with immigration and visa process
Step 6 – proceed with visa application and ready to fly.

Documents required for MBBS in philippines admission

  • Only submit passport 1st and last copy
  • Educational documents of 10th and 12th
  • NEET Qualification mandatory

Visa documents for MBBS in Philippines

  1. Personal appearance
  2. Two originals of duly accomplished application form
  3. Original passport valid but not six months beyond intended period of stay within the Philippines
  4. Two passport size photographs
  5. Original and photocopy of birth certificate
  6. Original and photocopy of affidavit of support executed by parent/s or Legal guardian
  7. Two photocopies of parent/guardian’s passport data page.
  8. Original and photocopy of transcript of records authenticated at the Embassy of the Philippines
  9. Original and photocopy of certificate of good moral character
  10. Original and photocopy of police certificate
  11. Original and photocopy of checkup reports, including X-ray film contained in an envelope authenticated by the Embassy.
  12. Duly accomplished Personal History Statement from the school.
  13. Amount of 16000 to be paid to the embassy of Philippines (subject to Changes).

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