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Studying MBBS in Russia helps an individual to broaden their horizons and enhance their skills by getting a global exposure. India is a nation with several pre- requisite examinations and the competition is pretty much tough. Appearing for the pre- requisite is easy but getting through a cut- throat competition does not seem to be every individual’s cup of tea. Numerous studies have shown that lakhs of candidates appear for the renowned NEET examination that is conducted in India but only a handful of them seem to clear it. The reason behind this is the competition of individuals from across the nation to get into a top- notch medical institution and become a Doctor.

Keeping all this in mind, students are now well aware about multifarious options that they have in other countries apart from their home country to study medicine. Candidates are spell- bound about the opportunities that they get through MBBS in Russia and various medical universities that they can easily get into just by scoring a nominal percentage in their senior secondary education. Since qualifying the NEET examination is mandatory, it is easy to get the minimal passing percentile that is essential to apply for MBBS in Russia.

Study MBBS in Russia has plethora of opportunities associated with it. The cost being the major concern for several Indian families is taken care of as the fee and expenses of MBBS abroad are reasonable and inexpensive and seem to be in the budget of almost everyone. Additionally, MBBS in Russia for Indian students provides hands on experience, which is basically implementing the theory practically by self is done since the beginning of the course in these countries. Learning a new language would also add up to the resume of the individual and these institutions provide amazing training for individuals to clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination that is held in India after getting the degree to practice in the home country. Several benefits come along when a student decides to study MBBS abroad.


Russia is one of the largest countries in the world and is located in the north of Eurasia, covering 11 time zones. As per Winston Churchill, Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. It is authentic that, Russia is a cold country. It is the largest country in the world with an area of 17.125.191 km2 that is twice more than the United States. Only 35% of the territory is suitable for living, the remaining 65% is occupied by forests. In 2016, according to the International Monetary fund, Russia ranks 12th in terms of nominal GDP, the economy is predominantly based on raw materials, which comes as no surprise knowing the enormous natural reserves of Russia. It also ranks in the first place in the world for Natural gas and forest reserves, 6th place in oil reserves, 2nd place in coal reserves and so much more.


The climatic condition of Russia is great. The country almost remains covered in Snow in winters. The weather is extremely cold and severe in winters. Again in summers there is profuse rainfall with sweltering heat. The highest temperature touch the level of 45 degree centigrade from June till September.

The temperature freezes in winter with maximum -40 degree centigrade. Snowfall covers the ground for at least 3-4 months from October till March.


  • MBBS in Russia captivates the Indian student with its top medical universities which are recognized under MCI & WHO. Immense value of education and excellent return on investment.
  • MBBS in Russia for Indian students fee structure is the vital cause of choosing Russia medical college . Lower fees with inexpensive education and living cost is the leading advantage for Indian students to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Enrollment process is very simple and efficient. SEEK MBBS Abroad will help for the whole enrollment procedure to get in the best medical university in Russia.
  • For those preparing for MBBS admission in Russia, the whole syllabus is taught in English and it is also followed as the main medium of instruction in each universities.
  • All the best medical universities in Russia are globally recognized which unlocks the door for students to appear for study in any country after completion.
  • A good number of top medical colleges in Russia offer coaching for Medical Council of India which is a good point for Indian students to study medicine in Russia .
  • Russia MBBS college are highly equipped with latest technology. World class infrastructure and teaching tactics is most appealing for International students.
  • Indian food and hostel facilities are prearranged for Indian students. No cause left for students to deselect Russia.
  • One of the supreme benefit for MBBS in Russia is that only NEET exam has to be qualified to get an admission.
  • Medical students get an alternative great choice to study in Russian Medical Universities which are all government owned universities if they are not able to make up in India.


  1. Kazan Federal University
  2. Crimea state medical university
  3. Tver State Medical University
  4. Crimea federal university
  5. Perm State Medical University
  6. Mari State University
  7. St Petersburg State Medical University
  8. Siberian State Medical University
  9. Orenburg State Medical University
  10. I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University


MCI approved medical colleges in Russia has set certain terms and conditions which needs to be fulfilled for Russia Medical college.

  • Candidate must have attained 17 years of age on or before 31st December of the admission year.
  • One of the most imperative criteria is 50% marks in Grade- XII from Science stream (Physics, chemistry & Biology) with CBSE/ISC
  • NEET exam to be qualified with 50 percentile.


Kazan Federal University 6200 $ /5400 $ 200 $ 6400 $
Bashkir State Medical University 4700 $ 300 $ 5000 $
Tver State Medical University 6500 $   350$ 6850 $
Crimea Federal University 4000 $ 300 $ 4300 $
Perm State Medical University 5200 $ 300 $ 5500 $
Mari State University 6000 $ 300 $ 6300 $
St Petersburg State Medical University 4500 $ 600 $ 5100 $
Siberian State Medical University 3000 $ 1500 $ 4500 $
Orenburg State Medical University 5000 $ 500 $ 5500 $
First Moscow State University 9750 $ 1000 $ /300 $ 10,750 $


For studying medical in Russia , an application form is to be filled based on the choice of the university by the student. Simultaneously, academic documents are submitted by the student to SEEK MBBS ABROAD by which we apply to the university that they have chosen.

After the major step is completed which is choosing and applying to the university, the registration part comes into picture. Registration or getting an admission is basically when the candidate has to pay the admission fee to receive the admission letter, which is a letter wherein the seat of the student is confirmed. This letter is given directly by the university.

This is an eminent step of admission wherein, the passport copy along with the original academic documents is submitted and all these documents are verified for the authenticity. This is the major step for commencing the visa application. This also includes apostile of documents which means translating the documents to the country- specific language.

GETTING THE VISA STAMPED- Getting an international visa stamped is imperative for every candidate as they dream about it since the very beginning of their schooling. This is the step that gives them the entry in a foreign land to study and build up their career. In this, they have to submit their original passport, photographs and medical reports, by which we are going to get their visa stamped on their passport from the Embassy of Russian Federation- Visa Consular Division.

Since the student would be travelling abroad for the 1st time, we would make sure that we brief the student and their families regarding all and everything. Starting from booking the tickets to on- arrival services in the foreign land, we assist in everything. All kinds of travel arrangements are made through us and we are very transparent in our dealings.


  • Students should have a passport valid for all 5 years and 8 months of the course duration.
  • Grade X & XII mark sheets
  • 2 photographs


  • Original Invitation letter issued by the university
  • Original passport
  • Bank statement of parents retaining a balance amount of minimum 2.5 lakhs
  • NEET Score card
  • Visa photographs
  • Health and insurance certificate along with HIV test is imperative to submit
  • Birth certificate confirming authenticity
  • Migration certificate

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