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Why one should opt to study MBBS in Ukraine?


Ukraine provides cost effective study to the students aspiring to be doctors. Ukraine is one of the best options to study Medicine in Europe because of its quality education and easy admission and visa procedure. People around the world are progressively opting to study in Ukraine because of the aforementioned reasons.

About Ukraine:
Ukraine is a part of Europe that is full of beauty and enchanting travelling destinations. Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in Europe and it is adjacent to Poland(but not included in European Union). Ukraine is famous for diversity and Ukrainians are welcoming people and known for their great hospitality. Ukraine is full of life, views of celebration of festivals is very common sight in the country. A beautiful destination to start your journey.

Why one should opt to study MBBS in Ukraine:

  • The fees of MBBS in Ukraine is much lesser than MBBS in India .There are a number of famous Universities that provide quality education to students from overseas and Ukraine has become a famous site of the for MBBS aspirants , offering them a beautiful and diverse environment to study.
  • Their curriculum is mostly integrated in English to make it easy from students to study there and later on practice anywhere in the world as the universities there are recognised by UNESCO, WHO and other medical councils from various countries and Medical Council of India(MCI) also.
  • Another aspect that makes it favourable among students is that entrance tests are not required to take admission in MBBS in Ukraine.
  • The infrastructure of Ukrainian universities is always updated and state of the art.
  • No English test such as IELTS or TOEFL is required to take admission.
  • After Degree completion, Students can take screening test in various countries such as India, USA, UK .
  • Hostel and mess facilities are provided by all universities and scholarships are also provided. Keeping in mind , holistic development of students , universities arrange number of extracurricular activities.
  • The universities provide FMGE coaching classes.

Duration of MBBS in Ukraine:
The duration of study of MBBS in Ukraine is 6 years and the total duration is divided into two parts that are study and internship; 5 years of study and thereafter 1 year of rotational internship to provide students with practical exposure to practice in future.
Internship part is mandatory to get the degree however it is not compulsory to do the training part only in Ukraine, students can opt to work as an intern in their own country also but the duration should be one year to meet the requirements of the degree.
The curriculum of MCI approved universities is at par with the Indian medical universities that train students in basic medicine, pre-medical and clinical subjects. After completion of the semesters, the students qualify for practical training.

Admission procedure and documents required:
The admission procedure of Ukrainian universities is very simple and hassle free.

  • At first stage the students have to meet the eligibility , followed by counselling which is done after registration and thereafter they get invitation letter from university.
  • Preference is given to aptitude and academics and it is always better to apply as soon as you get documents ready as they follow first come first serve rule.

The documents are also easy to collect and the whole process of studying in Ukraine is hassle free from admission in university to getting visa. The following documents are required in the process:

  • Study documents of 10th and 12th (certificate and marksheets)
  • Birth certificate in English (if not then translate)
  • Passport
  • 20 passport size photographs
  • Authorised artefacts as approved by ministry of external affairs
  • NEET scorecard
  • Invitation from the university
  • University fee payment slip
  • Medical as advised by Embassy
  • Legalisation of all documents by Ukraine embassy
  • Police clearance ( if required )

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