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Nanjing Medical University


Nanjing Medical University is one of the oldest universities in China. It was established as the National Jiangsu College in 1934 in Zhenjiang which is located in Jiangsu province situated on the banks of the Yangtze river near the Grand Canal intersection but later on shifted in the city of Nanjing in 1957. It has two main campuses: Wutai and Jiangning, which welcome international students.

It is one of the first medical universities of China that offer six year programs in year 1962. Later in 1981 it was permitted to offer masters and doctoral degree programs and in 1993 it was renamed as Nanjing Medical University and currently it is one of the top Chinese medical universities in China.

Nanjing Medical University has 20 schools and 24 affiliated hospitals and above 50 teaching hospitals in Shanghai, Shandong, Zhenjiang and Jiangsu provinces. Nanjing is the best medical school of China for various reasons and the school is committed to provide best education to deserving students and they support their students by every possible means. The university has wide range of study resources for students in the form of books and e books and deserving students are provided financial support in the form of scholarships.




The main campus of the university is in Wutai which is spread in 8 hectares of land. The new campus is in Jianging which is in 87 hectares of land and almost 11 times larger than the other campus. Wutai campus is the center of clinical teaching and research.

Wutai country is located in the Shanxi province and comes under the administration of Xinzhou city. Two rivers namely Qingshui and Hutou flow through the city. Mount Wutai is also located there. It is famous for numerous historical temples located there.

Jiangning district is one the 11 districts that come under the administration of Jiangsu Province. Nanjing ranks number four in population in China and it is third smallest city in the country. Jiangsu has the highest GDP in the country and the most developed also. It touches the border of Shanghai, Anhui and Shandong in the north.


Majorly the temperature in the city remains around 16 degree centigrade. In summers that is the month of July, it is at its highest at around 32 degree centigrade and in January it drops to 7 degree centigrade and sometimes it falls as low as -1 degree centigrade. The city experiences plenty of rainfall throughout the year and sometimes the city also experiences some snowfall.


Nanjing Medical University has only one intake annually that is September. The admission process usually starts in December and seats are filled very fast so it is advised to book in advance.
1 Intake: September


  • It is the best medical school in China
  • It ranks between 401-500 best medical institutes in the world.
  • It is one of those universities which started providing medical training in English.
  • It is one of the oldest institutes in China and was established in 1934.
  • It was the pioneer to commence masters and doctoral degree programs in China.
  • It has all facilities and infrastructure to support study and research projects.
  • The university offers 11 first level Master’s level programs, seven first level doctoral and six post-doctoral research centers.
  • NMU offers a range of courses such as Medicine, Science, Technology, Management, Law, Education and literature.
  • The university has affiliations with 24 hospitals and consequently it is known to be the top medical institute in China.
  • NMU has more than 50 teaching hospitals in various provinces.
  • It works with collaboration and exchange programs with various universities of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany and Taiwan.
  • It has a wide range of printed medical literature to assist students and researchers.
  • More than 15 million resources of study and research are available online.
  • The university has printed more than 6000 journals in different languages.
  • NMU has employed more than 1400 faculty members including 1117 full professors and 175 associate professors.
  • The university is partners with World health organization.
  • The university is approved by MCI, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER and all other international organizations.


Nanjing Medical University being one of the best medical schools in China, carefully chooses students who are dedicated towards their goal of becoming doctor in their future and who put their best effort to make their dream come true. The university offers scholarships for brilliant students which can be claimed on the basis of merit that is the result of class 12 and NEET score.

Seek MBBS Abroad assist students to secure almost 70% of scholarships and help the deserving candidates to pursue their dream of becoming doctors and serve humanity.
Students who get top ranks in the first year are also able to get 50 % fee waiver in their tuition fees.

Below are some of the scholarships that can be availed by international students in NMU

  • Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship-Full scholarship
  • Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship-Partial scholarship
  • Nanjing Government Scholarship
  • Entrance Scholarship of NMU-full fee
  • Entrance scholarship of NMU-half fee
  • Entrance Scholarship of NMU-1/4 fee
  • General entrance Scholarship of NMU

Admission Process of Nanjing Medical University

To secure admission at Nanjing Medical University, Indian Students are advised to book their seat well in advance. The university reserves only 100 seats for Indian students. The students have to submit the documents to Seek MBBS Abroad in order to secure seat and the documents are sent to the university and after the review of the university, the eligible students get admission letter. Seek consultants provide hand holding service to help the student to secure their seat in the university to get admission and pursue their study.

Step 1: Application form
Step 2: Documents submission
Step 3: Offer letter from the university
Step 4: Invitation letter
Step 5: Process for Visa
Step 6 : After successful visa ready to depart any time


  • Adhar card
  • PAN card
  • Passport size picture in white background
  • NEET score card
  • Original passport
  • Health certificate and HIV certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Bank details of Father or mother
  • Parent’s Adhar card

Fees Structure of Nanjing Medical University

TUITION FEES RMB 34,000 RMB 34,000 RMB 34,000 RMB 34,000 RMB 34,000
HOSTEL RMB 6000 RMB 6000 RMB 6000 RMB 6000 RMB 6000
TOTAL RMB 40,000 RMB 40,000 RMB 40,000 RMB 40,000 RMB 40,000

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